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Antique Persian Malayer Runner

Antique Persian Malayer Runner

3' 6" x 23' 5"
R2538 - E1
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Showcasing an exquisite piece of artistry from the 1920's - the antique Persian Malayer runner. This captivating runner showcases a remarkable combination of features that make it truly one-of-a-kind.

One of the standout elements of this runner is its unique pictorial animal motif. Woven with meticulous craftsmanship, this motif depicts a variety of animals in a stunning and lifelike manner. From majestic horses to graceful birds, each animal is intricately woven into the fabric, creating a captivating scene that tells a story of its own. This pictorial motif adds a touch of whimsy and charm to the overall design, making it a true conversation starter.

Another remarkable aspect of this Malayer runner is its extra-long rare size. Measuring well beyond the standard dimensions, this runner offers an extended length that is both visually striking and highly functional. Whether placed in a hallway, entryway, or any other space, this runner effortlessly adds a sense of grandeur and elegance to its surroundings.

The pastel colorway of this antique Persian runner further enhances its allure. Soft, muted tones create a soothing and tranquil ambiance, making it a perfect addition to any interior decor. The delicate hues of pastel blues, pinks, and greens blend harmoniously, adding a touch of serenity to any space.

Additionally, the presence of abrash in this runner adds to its character and charm. Abrash refers to subtle variations in color that occur naturally over time due to the use of different dye lots or the aging process. This natural variation creates a sense of depth and texture, adding a unique visual appeal to the runner.



Circa 1920

Actual Size

3'6" X 23'5"



We are asked often to explain fading and color inconsistencies in a particular piece. The featured rug displays “abrash” and it is one of our favorite stories to tell. Abrash is the horizontal fading seen on almost every handmade rug. 


Note that it always occurs in horizontal patterns, following the weft of the rug. This is the direction that the weaver knotted the design in. 


Abrash is an expected characteristic, not a flaw. It is a beautiful, story telling element and sure to be a conversation starter at your next dinner party. During the course of shearing, dying and weaving, there are variables that contribute to inconsistencies in color. Quite basically, wool is sheared from multiple sheep, some dark and some light. Further, the wool itself contains a natural oil, called lanolin, that varies from sheep to sheep. Differences in lanolin levels result in different color fastness. 


Another way that color changes is through the dye mixing itself. Color was mixed by hand, and much like art, it is not an exact science that is meticulously measured. From batch to batch, colors are made in a raw, intuitive fashion. Imperfections were often purposely put in a rug to show the human element as well. 


We can only begin to guess why the abrash occurred in a particular piece and that wonder is part of the mystery and beauty of a rug.  


Vintage rugs are made by hand over the course of months, sometimes years. Their imperfections and wear are evidence of the hard working human hands that made them and the generations of families that used them. Character marks may include repairs, low pile, asymmetry. More often than not, rugs are not perfectly straight. Please see all photos before purchasing. Color may appear different in a dark room or from screen to screen. We do our best to photograph the entire rug from all angles but if you would like additional photos, please do not hesitate to ask. Video may help as well and we are happy to provide. Rugs are washed prior to being photographed. 

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