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Fine Soumak Weave | Nettle N103-N

Fine Soumak Weave | Nettle N103-N

N103-N -

Introducing our exquisite Soumak weave nettle rug. While nettle may look similar to jute, there are important differences that make it the superior choice for a natural fiber rug. Plant based nettle stands out for its superior strength and durability, making it an excellent choice for rugs that endures heavy use. In contrast, while jute fibers offer a natural and rustic aesthetic, they tend to be less resilient and may be more prone to wear and tear over time. Additionally, nettle fibers possess a delicate silkiness that adds a luxurious touch to rugs, creating a pleasing tactile experience that is unmatched by the coarser texture of jute. 

The Soumak weave technique employed in the creation of this rug ensures a remarkably flat surface with intricate patterns that showcase the weaver's artistry. The interlocking warp and weft threads produce a tight-knit structure, enhancing the rug's resilience and longevity. Every thread is thoughtfully chosen and expertly woven to deliver a rug that can withstand the test of time while maintaining its original allure.



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