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The Adina | Wool Adina

The Adina | Wool Adina

Adina -

Our meticulously crafted handknotted Adina rug delivers a new dimension of style with its edgy checkered motif. Bathed in a soft, neutral colorway, this rug exudes versatility and classic patterning. The high-low interplay adds visual intrigue but also creates a captivating texture that begs to be touched.

Sourced and made with pride in Afghanistan, this rug is a testament to the region's rich weaving heritage. Each intricate detail reflects the dedication of skilled craftsmen, resulting in a piece that exudes authenticity and top-tier quality. Elevate your space with a fusion of cultural artistry and modern sensibilities, as this exceptional rug serves as a stunning focal point and conversation starter in any room.

This rug can be tailored to your exact specifications. Whether you envision a checkered kitchen runner or a sprawling living room centerpiece, our made-to-order service can accommodate your desired size, color choice and additional customizations.

Lead time is approximately 8 weeks for sizes up to 9 x 12. For larger sizes, additional time may be required. Please inquire for more. 




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