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5 X 8 Vintage Turkish Oushak Rug
5 X 8 Vintage Turkish Oushak Rug
5 X 8 Vintage Turkish Oushak Rug
5 X 8 Vintage Turkish Oushak Rug
5 X 8 Vintage Turkish Oushak Rug
5 X 8 Vintage Turkish Oushak Rug

5 X 8 Vintage Turkish Oushak Rug


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Age: Circa 1940

Pile: low

Wear Notes: 7

Material: wool on cotton

Vintage rugs are made by hand over the course of months, sometimes years. Their imperfections and wear are evidence of the hard working human hands that made them and the generations of families that used them. Character marks may include repairs, low pile, asymmetry. More often than not, rugs are not perfectly straight. Please see all photos before purchasing. Color may appear different in a dark room or from screen to screen. We do our best to photograph the entire rug from all angles but if you would like additional photos, please do not hesitate to ask. Video may help as well and we are happy to provide. Rugs are washed prior to being photographed. 

Vintage and antique rugs are by nature, pre-loved and may show evidence of their past. There are varying degrees of wear to vintage rugs; some show very little and some show a lot. As unique as each piece is, so is our subjective response to an objects' appearance. Our inventory is diverse and features all levels of wear. For those customers who love wear we have put together the following reference legend that will guide you as to the level of wear in the rug. Please keep in mind that worn areas, repairs, and lower piles are not considered defects. Most of our heavily worn rugs have a fully restored foundation so that the rug secured and free of holes. 


0-1 Near flawless, original condition without visible repairs. 

2-4 Very slight even wear, slightly faded colors.

5-6 Moderate wear in a few areas, small amount of foundation may show in some areas. Repairs may be visible upon close inspection. 

7-8 Moderate wear throughout. Some repairs may be visible upon close inspection. Most of our rugs with this level of wear have a fully restored foundation that is strong and free of holes. 

9-10 Heavy wear, lots of foundation showing. Repairs may be visible upon close inspection. Most of our rugs with this level of wear have a fully restored foundation that is strong and free of holes. 

Patching: Some rugs have visible patches that are different from even wear. We will note these accordingly in each product description. 


We are asked often to explain fading and color inconsistencies in a particular piece. The featured rug displays “abrash” and it is one of our favorite stories to tell. Abrash is the horizontal fading seen on almost every handmade rug. 


Note that it always occurs in horizontal patterns, following the weft of the rug. This is the direction that the weaver knotted the design in. 


Abrash is an expected characteristic, not a flaw. It is a beautiful, story telling element and sure to be a conversation starter at your next dinner party. During the course of shearing, dying and weaving, there are variables that contribute to inconsistencies in color. Quite basically, wool is sheared from multiple sheep, some dark and some light. Further, the wool itself contains a natural oil, called lanolin, that varies from sheep to sheep. Differences in lanolin levels result in different color fastness. 


Another way that color changes is through the dye mixing itself. Color was mixed by hand, and much like art, it is not an exact science that is meticulously measured. From batch to batch, colors are made in a raw, intuitive fashion. Imperfections were often purposely put in a rug to show the human element as well. 


We can only begin to guess why the abrash occurred in a particular piece and that wonder is part of the mystery and beauty of a rug.  

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